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Category: US Debt Consolidation Services (AKA US Debt Management Services)
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Care One Debt Relief Services Review

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Care One Debt Relief Services is in the number three spot because it is a paid service offered by a reputable debt consolidation and settlement service. However, we like Care One because it provides a custom debt solution, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach seen typically in free debt consolidation services. This highly-rated debt consolidation company has a huge number of innovative products and services that can help any consumer at any stage of debt relief and credit repair. It is no wonder that Care One is one of the most popular debt consolidation services available to consumers today... and we would like to explain why!

The overall Care One website is super easy to navigate, with a wide range of tools and resources that consumers can use to find help and information for any type of debt challenge. From a massive community forum and blog section, to the financial management tools offered at Care One, we think you will find something useful here. Care One has been voted as an excellent resource for consumer debt consolidation by a number of reputable news sources including CNBC, Fox News, Time, Lifetime, Forbes Magazine and Yahoo!  In addition, it has top ratings by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Care One definitely lives up to its reputation for caring about consumers by offering fully customized debt consolidation and relief programs designed to address each member’s individual credit status. Each debt relief and repayment plan is designed to empower members to get control of often overwhelming debt problems and eliminate unnecessary collection calls. Debt counselors work personally with each member to come up with a solution that works best for each person’s circumstances, and then reward members for making payments on time. There are even contests so members can try to win money to pay off debts faster!

What makes Care One different from other debt consolidation services is that there is a positive community of caring financial experts and other members who help each other through this process. The main blog is called “Debt Diva” and includes helpful articles meant to empower members to pay off debt faster and stay informed. Regular newsletters and email reminders go out to members so they can keep on top of news and tips to help pay off debt sooner. Care One also provides access to member discounts, financial management software, mobile reporting tools, and credit card programs to help reestablish healthy credit.

While there is a small monthly fee for the debt relief and settlement services, this is not out of the ordinary for credit counseling and debt consolidation services found in local regions. You will be required to provide some of your personal information so they can get an accurate profile of your financial situation. You will get access to caring credit counselors whose goal is to help you get out of debt and better manage your financial picture. We give Care One two big thumbs up for being an innovative and easy to use credit consolidation and debt management service!

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