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Superior Debt Relief Review

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Superior Debt Relief is a debt settlement and counseling firm from Colorado that takes a different approach to helping consumers pay off credit card debt and other forms of unsecured debt. Instead of just setting up payment plans with creditors, Superior Debt Relief negotiates with creditors to reduce debts substantially, and then sets up a regular monthly payment from consumers to be added to a “special purpose account” until the fees are settled to a satisfactory level. Typically, debtors can have their overall payments reduced to about 40-50% off the original debt, which helps them to pay off debt much faster than with other debt consolidation programs.

In order to qualify for Superior Debt Relief’s program, consumers must have at least $10,000 is unsecured debt. This must consist of credit cards, store cards, medical and hospital bills, banks loans and personal loans. Superior Debt Relief does not accept consumers with less than $10,000 in debt, and will not handle student loans, mortgages, auto loans or tax debt. This may limit some consumers from qualifying for the programs at Superior Debt Relief. However, for the majority of consumers who have debt today, the Superior Dent Relief can reduce debt over a much shorter period of time, the average being 12-36 months. The company has a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau and testimonials show many happy customers since 1998.

Superior Debt Settlement recommends that consumers, who are serious about reducing debt and improving their credit scores, should pay about $125-200 per month per each $10,000 of debt. By using this “save until you pay” method, Superior Debt Settlement has much more leverage for working with creditors to reduce overall debt. They state that they can work with any creditor and will reduce debt for consumers, because of the relationships they have with most major creditors and collections agencies around the nation. Additionally, consumers who have trouble trying to set aside money each month to pay off debts, will like not having to think about the debt payoff – something that can reduce debt related stress and increase the chance of restoring credit.

In addition to the debt settlement and counseling services that Superior Debt Relief provides, there is access to credit repair services, which is paid for for 3 months by Superior Debt Relief for consumers who have completed the program. It is important to note that Superior Dent Relief does not serve consumers in all of the US states, so be sure to check the list first. As compared to some of our other debt consolidation companies reviewed, such as Care One and Debt One Credit Counseling, we think that Superior Debt Relief has an outstanding program that can meet the needs of many consumers. For more information about Superior Debt Relief, be sure to visit the links below.

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