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Debt Consolidation Connection Review

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Debt Consolidation Connection is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to provide debt management solutions, financial education and credit counseling to consumers facing debt issues in every state. Additionally, Debt Consolidation Connection gives consumers the option to explore credit consolidation services provided through a network of debt management services. However, they do not offer debt settlement programs, which are prohibited for not for profit organizations in most regions. Debt Consolidation Connection is accredited by the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors and is ISO Certified, both of which require strict guidelines for credit consolidation companies.

We found that their fees are comparable to other debt consolidation and credit counseling services, with most consumers paying $49 per month. Keep in mind that this fee can vary somewhat depending on the type and amount of debt, and the state laws where consumers are residents. Debt Consolidation Connection helps consumers negotiate lower payments so that they can pay off debt sooner, and cut down on collection fees and interest rates. We like that Debt Consolidation Connection places a large emphasis on educating the public about debt and credit practices, which helps consumers become more smart about budgeting and money management.

What we liked about Debt Consolidation Connection is that they empower consumers to get a handle on their money early on, with the option to set up self-management repayment and budget plans. If a consumer has an overwhelming amount of debt, then the debt counselors at Debt Consolidation Connection suggest getting signed up for one of their debt consolidation programs. It is this no-pressure approach that placed Debt Consolidation Connection in our number 8 spot, along with some of the other top debt consolidation companies such as CuraDebt and Care One. By educating the public about credit practices, Debt Consolidation Connection is helping to bring about positive changes in the way people handle money.

Using the website and signing up for debt management services at Debt Consolidation Connection was very easy. We simply had to fill out an online form, which asks for basic information. Then we received an email with more information. Within a day, we also received a call from one of Debt Consolidation Connection’s certified financial counselors to go over our particular debt concerns. It turned out we qualified for a debt consolidation program which would help pay down credit card debt within 18 months. There are many helpful and free tools and articles on the website we also took advantage of, including the bill reminder tool and the loan modification guide – two resources that we have not seen on other debt consolidation websites as of this review.

If you are looking for a way to reduce debt, better manage your budget, and get help with debt that is piling up, be sure to check out the Debt Consolidation Connection website and ask for a free telephone consultation today with one of their expert credit counselors.

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