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Help Debt Consolidation
14 April 2014
Reviewer: Catherine Z from Kissimmee Florida

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I had $35,000 in credit card debt , I fell behind due to job loss, the banks jacked my interest rates up to 28-35% because I couldn't meet the minimums each month. I finally got another job, but I couldn't catch up. I couldn't qualify for bankruptcy. The collection calls and letters and threatening to sue me was driving me nuts. I ended up calling a company debtconsolidationconnention.com , I had been watching the videos they post each week about financial stuff called Debt Girls, they are really funny and started watching each week for fun and to learn. I emailed one of the hosts of the show and to my shock she personally responded the next day. She explained that they didn't offer debt consolidation directly but they view companies that offer loans, debt consolidation, and the kind of stuff everyone needs at one time or another. She referred me to one of the debt girls sponsors Delray Credit Counseling and told me to speak with any of the counselors or the manger, and be prepared with all my debt info and my income etc etc.

I spoke with Tyler Hollingsworth a counselor at DelrayCredit Counseling he sounded really young so I was a little nervous at first, but he first took me to the companies welcome page showed all their certifications, I was put at ease quickly. Tyler was young man but very knowledgeable, and to my surprise when I asked a question he didn't know the answer to, he put me on hold and asked one of senior staff or manager. I say surprise because usually when I talk to a company about anything over the phone, and ask something you can tell the person doesn't know the answer to , they just BS their way thru it. I hate that.

Anyway, Tyler first had me do a budget, I wanted to get right to debt consolidation, but he was having none of that. He said we start with your budget, I'm here to help you with a permanent solution, not a band aid. Not what I expected. He asked about every penny I spent which at first was really annoying but when we got to the end of budget I realized I wasting about $500 a month. Before we even talked about my credit cards, Tyler advised me to take car insurance to a local independent agent ( I had insurance I bought online that supposed to be the cheapest) The independent agent I went to saved me $375 a year. He remmeneded an energy survey & budget billing thru FPL that keeps my electric bill the same every month, he also had me sign up for " on call" thru FPL, thats where they can shut off my air condinitioner and hot water heater for a few minutes at peak use time. ( makes no difference to me cause I'm at work. They pay me $25 a month for that.

When we finally got to the credit card bills I was offered a Debt Management Plan, it gave me one payment , it was lower than the normal payment , ( not by as much as I'd hoped BUT the great news was after my 3rd payment the creditors brought all my accounts up to date and they show current. No more late fees, the interest rate was lowered from default rate cause I was behind 28-35% down to 6% on most cards, 9.9 % on a few others. In any case I'm going to have these cards paid in full in less than 5 years. can breathe again. Tyler had me keep one low balance card out of the DMP, in case I had to get an airline ticket ot hotel. He also made me start an emergency cash reserve account. I'd never heard of one. But according to national recommendations you should have a minimum of 3 months basic expenses ( mortgagee, rent, car payment , insurance, food ,utilities ) saved in case of emergency job loss. I told him I'd set it up the next week. I was stunned when he called two weeks later to ask what bank I set my emergency cash account up in. When I told him I hadn't got to it yet, he was polite but not happy about. I now have the account set up. I can only afford $35 per pay check right now but that will change and I'll increase it. Long and short, the agency I worked with did so much more than handle my debt, and the young man that helped me really pushed me to do things I should have been doing for a long time. He was polite but no nonsense. So thank you to Delray Credit Counseling for the help, and thanks to Tyler who was a little tough on me, but I know it's because he cared about what he was doing. He says he's checking up on me every year. So I've got to stay on the straight and narrow with the spending. If your in debt and don't know where to turn give this company a call. There's no magic bullet, I had to cut back spending, start saving money and be realistic.

In summary, I would recommend Debt Consolidation Connection to a friend.

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